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Movie Magazine International:

"Savage is the craftsman who weaves this all together with one part pride, he’s a Marin local after all, two parts awe, and three parts love. KLUNKERZ is a thrill ride and a throwback to a simpler time when bored youth went outside and invented fun. Still, one thing remains the same, a good day can still be measured by how much mud you have in your teeth."



“Klunkerz screened at the L.A.
stop of The Bicycle Film Festival.
The MBA Wrecking Crew was in
the house and we were totally
away. Director Billy Savage
has put together a remarkable film
that traces the early evolution of
mountain biking…Maybe the
most remarkable thing about the
film is you don’t have to be a
mountain biker to be thoroughly entertained.”

Mountain Bike Action, October 2007.

“Maybe we’re suckers for nostalgia,
but KLUNKERZ-that sepia-toned documentary about the sprot’s
earliest days from filmmaker
Billy Savage-seemed to resonate
long after the moveie ended... But
more than anything else, the film
opens the door to mountain biking’s earliest days and allows viewers
to enter the wild party that fueled
those first tat-tire forays.

Bike Magazine -
Best of the Year - Dec 2007

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USA Today raves:

"Savage's funny and often poignant film looks at how a bunch of semi-stones hippies in Northern California developed a unique style of off-road bike riding through collaboration and competition. The free-floating and (sometimes) selfless sharing of technology quickly led to a full-blown industry and Olympic status as a sport in 1996."

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